An established company in the water transfer industry

Gordon Buescher, Sterling’s founder, is the 4th generation to be involved in water transfer. The Buescher Family’s irrigation company started in the 1940s and began using lay flat hoses in the 1960s

Speci?c to the Oil and Gas Industry

Our system is designed specifically for the oil and gas industry. Sterling’s water transfer system is designed specifically for leak-free and temporary applications. Sterling’s product line supports the industry’s self-regulation by ensuring less labor, injuries and leaks due to faulty couplings.

Cost-Effective Solution

Sterling is the most cost-effective method for transferring large volumes of water under temporary circumstances. This system reduces labor and injuries significantly, while reducing transportation and fuel costs and conserving water – which also saves on costs. Additionally, less inventory is needed compared to jointed pipe. Sterling Hose products have greater longevity than many of the other pipe products while maintaining a smaller overall environmental footprint.


SAFE – Fewer OSHA recordable injuries

ECONOMICAL – Huge labor savings, transportation cost reductions and less fuel consumption

DURABLE– Greater longevity than jointed pipe


TRAINING AND SUPPORT– Demonstrations, consulting and training seminars are available

Sterling Reels

The designs are time-tested and proven to be effective. Sterling offers a full line of spool and reel systems for handling hose. These systems can handle a range from one length of hose up to four miles of hose. This handling equipment can be customized to fit almost any piece of machinery. Our reel systems are compatible with skid steers, tractors, excavators, dozers, one-ton pickups, semis, and trailer configurations.


Sterling offers a wide range of spool options, thus providing the most economical hose-handling systems available. The offering includes handling devices for tight spots as well as large truck-mounted spool systems. A spool system using Sterling roll-off equipment can significantly minimize transportation costs. One semi-truck can haul over three miles of 8” Sterling Secure Flow to a job site. Two or three crew members can safely deploy or retrieve 10 miles or more per day with a Sterling system.

Sterling Secure Flow Hose

This hose is made from thermoplastic polyether-based polyurethane (TPU) extruded through a circular woven jacket which is made from high tenacity filament polyester yarn. The weave of the jacket is heavily reinforced to minimize extension in hose length at high pressures and thus reducing the snaking effect. Temporary fluids transfer presents many challenges, all of which are met by Sterling Secure Flow Hose products. This product line offers superior working pressures for transferring large volumes of fluid, while maintaining the ability to be one of the lightest products on the market. The TPU hose offers wear and abrasion factors that are three to five times greater than a rubber nitrile hose. The quality construction of our hose and specially designed handling equipment ensure greater longevity. Sterling Secure Flow Hose can operate in a wide range of temperatures and we offer 2" to 12" hose and working pressure up to 300 psi. Continuous operation is acceptable from -55 F to 165 F [-48 C to 74 C], and temperatures up to 175 F [80 C] are acceptable for intermittent use.

Sterling No-Leak Couplers

Proper curing and manufacturing limit hose lengths to a maximum of 660’ without couplings. Sterling No-Leak couplers provide simple, safe, and rugged no-leak coupling solutions for this high-quality hose. Best of all, Sterling always has them in stock and ready to ship.

Sterling No-Leak Couplers Feature:

  • Simple, low-maintenance design
  • Re-attachable fitting for easy field repairs
  • Stainless steel bolts and zinc plated connection clamps for durability
  • Heavy duty for use on rough terrain

Sterling Reels


Sterling Secure Flow Hose

Sterling No-Leak Couplers